Calvin got too big for his old bike, so for Christmas, we got him a new one. Unfortunately, it was a bit too big for him, so the bike went back to the shop to have shorter front fork, handlebars and seat post installed temporarily. It took so long to get these modifications that by the time we got the bike back in mid-March, Calvin had grown just enough that the modifications were no longer necessary. So all the original equipment went back on.

The bike still looks quite big for Calvin, but he hopped on and took off without any problems. I've noticed lots of other kids on bikes that are set up the same way and nobody ever falls off, so I guess it is safe. At least he has plenty of room to grow into the bike.

What happened to his old bike? Ask Brian!

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The first grade at Calvin's elementary school had a relay race in the middle of June. Calvin again proved to be quite fast.

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 Nope, it's not a marathon. The kids are running to their places to start the relay race. The gird with the number '8' jersey is the anchor for one of the squads.  

Calvin is quite busy now. He goes to elementary school 5-6 days a week, has swimming lessons twice a week, English school twice a week, and now soccer once a week. But he's having a blast.  
I admit that I don't know much about soccer, but I take it that the idea is that everyone runs after the ball and tries to kick it in any direction whatsoever.  

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