Say "hello!," Michelle.

Michelle's First Year in Pictures. Here's a selection of snaps of Michelle from the past year or so...  


On Sunday, September 20, 1996, we took Michelle to Sumiyoshi Temple for her presentation to the gods. This presentation is called "Omiyamairi." I suppose it is the equivalent of the Christian baptism, though you shouldn't quote me on that.  


 Michelle's birthday is July 14th. She'll be 1 year old. Why not send her a birthday card? Just click the 'Happy Birthday, Michelle!' button.

If you tell her when YOUR birthday is, she'll send YOU a birthday card!


There's more about Michelle in the family's 1997 Nengaletter.  

The Family Photo Album contains more pictures of Michelle.  

Michelle has her own e-mail address on the family's domain. Why not tell her how much you liked her page?  

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