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 Note: This past summer, when Cliff and I were discussing via e-mail some possibilities for our summer trip, I created the following page of photos and text about one of our family's favorite places in Japan: Doro Hattcho, in the Hongu area of Wakayama Prefecture. We eventually decided upon Fukui-ken for our trip, but this page remained on the web, forgotten until recently. Now I've decided to make it part of the family photo album. And I HAVE found lots more pictures. When I get a moment, I'll put them on the page.

This is the entrance to the gorge. Alas, I remember that we ran out of both 35mm film and Handycam battery power right here, so I have no visuals of the gorge itself. But take my word, it's quite impressive. We don't take the noisy tourist boats (see below) but across the street from the park office/restaurant is a guy that will take you up the gorge in his small motorboat. Much more pleasant. (And cheaper!)

This is just a wee bit down from the picture at top, perhaps 200 meters.

Same place as above. We've camped here twice, and only once had neighbors -- about 100 meters away.

There is a restaurant/park office just off the last turnoff from the main road. A grassy knoll provides camping, Japanese style (kitchen sink, etc.) We spent one night here once, when we arrived after dark. Nice view.

Pancakes for breakfast, I believe. And espresso coffee via a tiny one-cup camper's espresso maker.

The ONLY problem with this camping site is that, from 10:00 to 4:00 every day, these large, noisy boats cruise past every half hour or so heading up to, or returning from, the gorge. They slow for canoes and swimmers, and aren't at all dangerous, but they are noisy.

There are two sets of bungalows. One set is just a bit up the hill and around the corner from the restaurant. The onsen/bath is at this set. The site also has barbecue facilities, and a nice view of the river, but the whole site is on a steep hill that makes it kinda of worrisome if you have small children or like an evening beer or two.

The other set of bungalows is at the top of the hill, quite some distance away. This is the view from near the parking lot to the bungalows. Up here, we also have barbecue facilities, as well as a playground for the kids, a long, long slide, hiking trails, bathrooms, and (pause) a meeting hall.

The maze and tower at the top set of bungalows offers very nice views of the gorge and the river.

On the way to Dorohattcho are several major onsen areas. Senninburo is a quite large outdoor onsen.

For some reason, I can't find our pictures of Yuunomine (or our pictures of Kamikochi).

This is downriver from Senninburo. That water is HOT!

Natchi falls is down the road to Shingu and a bit along the coast.


Welcome! Family Photo Albums Nengaletters e-mail logokyomedia.com