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Yes, we now have our own espresso bar right here on Rokko Island! Here, Michelle is buying some espresso roast to take back home. She still likes to steal sips of espresso from mommy and daddy's cups when they aren't looking.

Michelle started going to Peter Pan in September. Her first day was quite unusual, apparently. According to her teacher, all kids cry on their first day or two. but Michelle not only didn't cry, as soon as mommy and daddy left and the door closed, she bust out in a big grin and was a happy camper the entire day.

She had been going with Brian and Calvin to their classes ever since she was a baby, but never got to stay. I can remember a couple of times when she cried because she couldn't stay! Even in the picture at right, she doesn't yet realize that she's staying.

But today, she got to stay. And it was one of the happiest days of her life. She's a Peter Pan student, just like her two big brothers!

When Brian showed off one of his toys, Michelle joined the group.

Note her red backpack. Calvin has his book bag and Brian as his yochien bag (like the green and blue shown here). They put them on every morning. So Michelle insists on putting on HER bag every morning as well.

At an Osaka science and play museum. While Brian and Calvin were too shy to try the big bubble chamber, Michelle dove right in.

Look at those curls. Did daddy have hair like this when he was a child? If so, what happened to it? (And why is it disappearing now?)

In the park....

Michelle loves music and can spend hours with Daddy's headphones.Yes, she likes Pat Methany. Also U2 and the theme to the Travelers tv show (Discovery Channel.)  
Welcome! Family Photo Albums Nengaletters e-mail logokyomedia.com