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Rokko Island City Summer Evening Carnival

That's the official name of the festivities, as translated from the sign at right. It has all the elements of a carnival, plus the elements of an obon dance, with a bit of a food fair thrown in for fun.

This is a small tower around which the obon dancers will circle. The singers, musicians, announcers, 'callers' and special guests encourage them from the tower.
These are professional dancers from the nearby island of Awaji, which is famous for a special kind of dance and festival called the Awa-odori.

A few of Calvin's and Brian's friends, dressed for the occasion.  

Michelle gets to wear her new yukata again. I don't know how she managed to get our cellular phone, but that's what she's got in her right hand. Note: cell phones are a great way to locate friends and family in a crowd as big as the one at the Rokko Island Festival (or the Gion Festival in Kyoto!).  
Ahh, we finally see some genuine traditional festival food, yakisoba, or soba noodles fried and covered with a thick sauce.  

That night, the kids bedded down in the living room -- in a tent. If you look closely, you'll note that B is not in the tent. At some point during the night, B crawled out and headed for his favorite sleeping apparatus, the couch.  



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