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Lanikai is generally at or very near the top of most World's Best Beaches polls, and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out why: magnificient vistas, warm and clean water, gentle breezes, soft and clean sand, swaying palm trees, easy (and free) access, and, as you can see in all of these pictures, no crowds. I wonder how such a marvelous beach can rank so highly and be so well known...and be so devoid of tourists. And yet the fact remains, Lanikai is a famous, world-class beach that only the locals seem to know about. I'm not complaining. Neither is Yoko. In fact, Yoko, little knowing the reality of the local real estate market -- Lanikai's in particular -- asked me about the possibility of buying one of the houses on the beach! Sadly, such a house is well out of our reach, by a factor of a million or so (or about what we paid for our apartment in Japan!). But that doesn't mean we can't visit every so often and enjoy one of the most spectacular beaches in the world.



Many of the homes on Lanikai Beach had catamarans or outrigger canoes in the backyard. We spread our beach mats in front of this outrigger, which made for a picturesque photo...
...but a few minutes later, along comes this galah (???), which proceeds to say "Aloha!" to the kids!

Here's a 360-degree panorama (QuickTime VR) of Lanikai Beach and Kailua


Welcome! Family Photo Albums Nengaletters e-mail logokyomedia.com