The Clan Gets Together

The first time all the grandkids have been in one place at one time.

Family Reunion.GIF

Here we all are in Tacoma's Commencement Park. Actually, minus one brother, Mark, who couldn't make it. From left to right; top row: Steve Porritt, brother Mike, his wife Keri, sister Debbie and her daughter Maggie, then brother Dave with his daughter Tori and his wife Sandi. Middle row: Yoko's father and mother Nobuo and Teruko Kariya, Debbie's husband Brad (who took the picture, but made it into the print via the magic of PhotoShop), Mom (grandma to all those kids), and her husband Dug. Bottom Row: Yoko, with Brian, Calvin, Mike and Keri's boys Alec, Cameron and Christopher and his daughter Stephanie, and Dave and Sandi's daughter Brittini.