Mt. Ranier

Mt. Ranier.GIF

The Mountain from Mom's backyard at the old place in Buckley

The Mountain, early in the morning, from the road near the old place in Buckley


Height: 14,410 ft.
Greatest snowfall ever (anywhere): 93.5 ft. in 1972 (at Paradise ranger station.)
Greatest glacier system in U.S.: nearly 50 square miles.
Largest single glacier in U.S.

Places to visit in Mt. Ranier National Park*

Paradise (5,400 ft., Paradise Inn, close-up view of Nisqually Glacier)
Longmire (park headquarters)
Sunrise (6,400 ft., visitor center, alpine meadows, close-up view of Emmons Glacier)

* Sunset Travel Guide to Washington, 1984, Lane Publishing Co.