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This is the 1977 web site. It still has lots of good pics and stories, however, so I'm keeping it on line. After exploring the 1977 site, come back to this Welcome page, then use the buttons above to return to the current year's pages.

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Go to New Pages Yep. 6 new pages of photos and their stories. More Japanese culture (rotenburo, undokai, etc.) and plenty of kid pics. Set your modems to "stun" (we're talkin' LOTS o' pictures here!) then click the graphic at left to go to the first of the new pages, Page 5. Top

Go to 1997 Nengaletter Well, THAT year didn't last long, did it? I mean, it was the regulation size and all, but it didn't exactly pull up a chair, kick off the shoes and chat awhile over a cup of coffee and jam toast now, did it? Instead, it seemed to always want to be somewhere other than where it was, and be making enough racket getting there for six years. If you happened to be nearby when it passed through, you could end up with jam on the carpet and coffee in your lap, wondering why the government doesn't do something about it.  Top

Yoko took a short maternity leave from P&G to have Michelle. Michelle was born at our house, delivered by the same midwife who delivered Brian. It was a quick and easy birth, but one that often seemed like a three-stooges comedy sketch.  Top

When not defending his morning cup of coffee from certain predatory female members of the household, Steve was exploring new job territories in search of work that could be performed one handed with a baby on his lap. Many of his 1996 projects can be found on the family's kyomedia web site.  Top

Calvin's interests in bugs, animals and dinosaurs continue unabated. Calvin (6) will be going to elementary school in April, but already knows how to read and write the hiragana and katakana syllabaries. School should be a cinch for this kid.  Top

Go to Brian's Page Brian (4) is still fascinated by trains and has added considerably to his collection of Thomas the Tank Engine toys. He and Calvin still talk to each other in English, though his English vocabulary often often seems to consist mainly of the names of the various Thomas engines and cars.  Top

It's a Girl! Michelle Lynn Kariya. Born July 14, 1996 (Bastille Day!) at 6:50 a.m., weight: 2,888g (6.48 lbs.). She's not talking (yet!) but she has her own web page and e-mail address!  Top

go to Family Photo Album Haphazard selections from the mass of unsorted, undated, unknown photos on Steve's desk.  Top

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There's more on Steve's domain...

Welcome! Family Photo Albums Nengaletters e-mail logokyomedia.com