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Brian started going to Yochien, or kindergarten, this April.

One of the big attractions for him is riding the school's bus. At our building, the bus picks up at least a dozen 4- and 5-year olds, all dressed in smocks and caps. It looks like a convention of little French artists.

Mommy and Daddy like the bus, too, since we don't have to take Brian to school with all the hassles of rainy days, bringing Michelle, crossing streets full of idiot drivers, dead car batteries 'cause the kids were playing with the interior lights, etc. We just take him down the elevator to the bus stop, then pick him up at the same place in the afternoon.

All the kids carry a bag with their bento boxes (lunch boxes) and a thermos of tea. They may also carry school supplies in a cloth bag. On rainy day's, they'll also carry an umbrella. On fine summer days, they'll carry another bag full of swimming gear. Some days, the bus stop can look like a very well-equipped expedition of little French artists going on a week-long finger-painting retreat.

Brian is absolutely thrilled by the fact that his mother and his teacher (in th blue dress) have the same name: Yoko.
Brian's kindergarten is next door to Calvin's elementary school. The two schools share a playground fence, and kids with siblings in the other school often meet them at the fence. The two schools encourage this interaction. Calvin and Brian often come home and say that they saw each other through the fence.

When Calvin got his new bike, Brian got Calvin's old bike.... Sheesh, it was hard enough trying to keep up with B on foot!

Where's Calvin and his bike? Right here.

I don't know what those things are on their heads, or what they signify, or even what was going on in this day care event, but it is a nice picture of Brian and his classmates.

Pounding mochi (sticky rice).

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Welcome! Family Photo Albums Nengaletters e-mail logokyomedia.com