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There's plenty to do in the Doro area, but one very popular activity is kayaking. The Doro Gorge itself is quite deep and placid, but the rest of the river is failry shallow and offers a fast but safe ride.

This is the group of kayakers that let us have their spot in the campground. Thanks, guys! Have a good trip!

Several times a day, hydro-jet boats laden with tourists cruise up the river and into the gorge. The boats come from about 10 km down river.

Downstream of the gorge, the river is quite shallow -- say a meter or two deep at most. I've often watched the boats coming upstream, picking their way through the rippling water and gravel bars and expecting to see one go aground at any of a dozen places, but the boats apparently have quite a shallow draft and always make it through safely.

Although kayaks and canoes are often in the way, these powered boats will slow or even stop and wait patiently for the paddlers to move on. Some of the less aware kayakers, particularly those that make no move to get out of the way, can get one hell of an air-horn blast in their ear, which sends the kayaker, as well as the birds, fishes and several shore-side campers, up into the air.

Near the Doro campground is another Doro Gorge tour service. This service uses much smaller (and quieter!) boats and a more personal guided tour. We've opted for this less obtrusive, more leisurely tour a couple of times in the past.

Yet another way to travel down-river. Yes, swimming is possible in the river, but the water is quite cold, even in August. If you can stand the cold, howver, you can have quite a good time floating downstream feet-first. But you gotta have slippers on your feet and a well-padded butt, 'cause the ride is fast, the water is shallow, and the river bottom is rocky.

The water here is shallow enough to be somewhat warmer (due to the sun), but it isn't as warm as it is at Kawayuu. Still, Terai-san doesn't seem to mind the chill factor.

Terai-san found a good way to kill time while waiting for breakfast.

But the most popular activity is no activity at all. Just sit and soak up the sun, the scenery and the solitude, as Noriko is doing here.
Welcome! Family Photo Albums Nengaletters e-mail logokyomedia.com