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 There are quite a few other things to do in southern Wakayama Prefecture, from swimming -- that's Nachi Beach above -- to outdoor hot spring bathing, hiking, and more. Interesting places not pictured here but worthy of a visit nclude Yuumura, a tiny hot spring town, and the ancient Hongu Temple.

Kawayuu, which means 'river of hot water', is literally that. You can dig a shallow pit in the gravel bar, then let it fill up with hot water and have yourself a 'private' (actually very public) bath.




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This is Senninburo, another outdoor bathing spot just a hundred meters or so upriver from Kawayuu. Friend Don joined us on this trip.
Nope, that's not mist rising from the water. It's steam. That water is hot!  

These rock pinnacles are just off the coast somewhere between Shingu and Gobo. They are part of a very long, single line of rocks that extend inland as well as further out to sea. The line is actually a volcanic dike, a layer of magma that squeezed through a crack in the overlying rock and then solidified. There is a good example of this kind of thing off Kamehameha Highway on Oahu, exposed in a road cut.

The coastline between Gobo and Shingu is full of interesting geology (and spectacular scenery).


Just a few minutes by car from Shingu and straight up into the mountains from Nachi Beach is Nachi Falls, the highest waterfall in Japan. This picture shows only the bottom 1/4 of the falls.

The falls are significant in the Shinto religion, which venerates all things in nature. Thus, the temple seen here.

It is also a major tourist destination.


Of course, there's always the ancient traditional Japanese sport of stone-skipping, being performed here at the beach at Shingu by Terai-san for the benefit of the B.  
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