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At the In-laws

Summertime is mosquito time in Japan, so the first thing we did upon going outside at grandma Kariya's was to set out the katori senko, or mosquito coil, which is lit and placed in a carrying container (below). I remember these from Hawaii, but what do folks on the mainland use to drive away mosquitos?

Michelle found one of the cousin's toys in the attic and goofy brother B pulled her around. (right)

Look closely at the ball which cousin Yuuji (right) has just shot. No wonder Japan did so poorly in the World Cup -- they thought they were playing basketball! Actually, both Yuuji and Kouji (left) are pretty hot players for their school teams.

Yoko's brother's wife, Teruko, is from Miyazaki, on the eastern side of the southern island of Kyuushyuu. The area is famous for its beaches and rugged, semi-tropical scenery (which has been compared to the Amalfi coast of Italy, but I wouldn't know anything about that). It is also famous for this style of pottery featuring animals and people. There are several of these pottery pieces in the family garden in Gobo, likely brought back from trips to Miyazaki.

Back in the early '80's, Yoko and I spent a week traveling with friends around Kyushyu. Some of my clearest memories of that trip is of these pottery pieces in various parks around the city. I wish I had brought some back, too.

Barbecue time at the brother-in-law's

Michelle loves rough-housing with the boys, even when the boys outweigh her by a considerable margin.

"Where's Wally?" transcends national borders. Both Cal and B have found Wally on every page numerous times but still enjoy looking at the pictures.

Michelle, too, enjoys her books. This one is likely either Anpan-man or Mickey-chan.

Welcome! Family Photo Albums Nengaletters e-mail logokyomedia.com